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Action Flow Template

Description Learn how to build a reusable Action Flow template
Version as of 8.5
Application Pega Customer Decision Hub
Capability/Industry Area Next Best Action

Learn how to build a reusable Action Flow template.

Use case examples[edit]

It is useful to configure and use an Action Flow template, also known as a Dynamic template, that can be applied to many actions across Business Issues and Groups. This will reduce effort and risk when configuring and maintaining the same Action Flow for many actions. A Dynamic template can be added manually to an action or automatically on action import (Create action from file - see Actions import).

Before you begin[edit]

For more information on creating Action Flow templates, see Defining action flows.

Create and apply an Action Flow template to action[edit]

  1. Create a new Business Issue called Action Flows
  2. Add a Group called Templates
  3. Create an action rule that defines the Action Flow template that you want to create, for example, SalesOutboundTemplate.
    • Set the Action availability to Never. This prevents the action from being selected by accident.
    • Configure the Action Flow as desired, test it and perform the check-in.
  4. On the action to be configured with the Dynamic template, navigate to Action Flow and select Dynamic template.
    • Select the relevant action from Action Flows/Templates.
    • The action is now configured with a reusable dynamic Action Flow.
  5. If you are using Next-Best-Action Designer, ensure that the Taxonomy does not show the Action Flows / Templates Business Issue and Group.
    • This prevents the Interaction History from being selected by Next-Best-Action Designer framework.

The following figure shows the example of an action configured with the Dynamic Template:

Dynamic Template option location

Apply an Action Flow template to action on import (Bulk Create)[edit]

  1. Update the Issue Group Decision Data shape to include the following Form Fields
    • DynamicTemplateIssue
    • DynamicTemplateGroup
    • DynamicTemplateName
  2. Export the Decision Data to get the latest CSV file input to make changes to
  3. When populating the CSV file, specify the template Action you want to use as the Dynamic Template
  4. When using the Create actions from file wizard, select the Reference flow from another action option
    • This will use the values in the DynamicTemplate columns in your CSV file
    • This option should be selected for future imports
      1. You may want to update this UI Section to set this as the default option


Actions are now configured with a reusable dynamic Action Flow that reduces effort and risk when configuring and maintaining the same Action Flow for many actions.