Accessing a customer’s interaction history with the CustomerOfferHistory REST service

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Accessing a customer’s interaction history with the CustomerOfferHistory REST service

Description Describes use cases and how to of the customer offer history service
Version as of 7.3
Application Pega Customer Decision Hub
Capability/Industry Area Agent-assisted Channels


  • The CustomerOfferHistory REST service is used to make a single customer's interaction history available to a calling application
  • It is used to retrieve the contact history for a single customer in real time
  • This is useful for third party applications, such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools or customer service portals, where an agent needs to see recent communications and interactions with the customer.
CRM screen mock up showing use of Interaction History
CRM screen mock up showing use of Interaction History

Accessing the service[edit]




2    "CustomerID": "01234567890"


 2    "OfferHistory": [
 3    {
 4        "Name": "Negotiation",
 5        "Issue": "Negotiation",
 6        "Channel": "CallCenter",
 7        "InteractionID": "7382338912749122452",
 8        "ExternalID": "S-13805",
 9        "OutcomeTime": "20160225T125501.526 GMT",
10        "Behaviour": "Negative",
11        "OfferHistory": [
12            { 
13                "Name": "Handsets_fromGoogleNexus4"
14            },
15            { 
16                "Name": "DataPlan100Min" 
17            },
18            { 
19                "Name": "MemoryCard_V2_M3" 
20            }],
21        "Outcome": "Rejected",
22        "Identifier": "/Negotiation/Negotiation/Negotiation",
23        "Direction": "Inbound",
24        "Group": "Negotiation"
25    },
26    {
27        "Name": "MI",
28        "Issue": "Sales",
29        "Channel": "CallCenter",
30        "InteractionID": "-7714067498846096636",
31        "ExternalID": "",
32        "OutcomeTime": "20160224T101058.055 GMT",
33        "Behaviour": "Positive",
34        "Outcome": "Accepted",
35        "Identifier": "/Sales/Handsets/MI",
36        "Direction": "Inbound",
37        "Group": "Handsets"
38    }]

Enabling access to the service[edit]

  • This service is available out of the box when Pega Customer Decision HubTM (CDH) is installed. No specific set up is required and a real time container doesn't need to be created, nor be active, to process these requests.


  • As a best practice, interaction history should be limited to a maximum of two months' worth of data. This can be different depending on your particular circumstances, but generally a limit is imposed for performance reasons. This does mean that this service will only return data as far back as the limit on interaction history allows. That is, if IH data is archived after it is older than 2 months, then a call to this service will only return interactions for the particular customer in the last 2 months.
  • The service will return all the available data for the customer ID provided. If there is data in IH that isn't required by the calling application, e.g. web impressions, then this should be filtered out by the calling application.

Extending the Offer History response[edit]

In many cases an implementation will have custom properties stored in Interaction History. These properties can be included in the request response by extending the real time container response. Details for extending the container response can be found here.

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